Shopping Together

I have a study group. It’s been helpful. We had a schedule and we went through lecture material, came up with practice questions, shared cake… it’s been good. I imagine it to be like my very own version of Community. Without it, I would have been struggling a lot more because of my own laziness. In one of those lulls, the topic of shopping with partners came up. Nicole said that her husband liked going along and giving advice. I thought and said something to the effect of, “Bullshit.” Personally, I hate going shopping with anyone else. Much like sport, unless I’m personally involved, my feet start to hurt, the bags get heavy, I get bored and I don’t have that much money to spend.

On Friday, after my third exam (head and neck anatomy), I went to see Thoroughly Modern Millie, then slept over at P’s. After breakfast, we went shopping. It was actually a painless process, probably because:

1. There’s a couple of stores we both liked.

2. I didn’t ask for feedback on every single thing I picked and tried on.

I did buy some shorts and on the way home, P said, “I meant to tell you, your ass looked very bootylicious in those shorts.” First off, hahahaha!!!! Who talks like that?! Second, it did make me inordinately happy. I waited till I was home alone to dance around gleefully. So I guess Nicole isn’t wrong, you can go shopping together. I just don’t think it would work her way. I guess they’re the exception to the rule.

To any person dragged along on a shopping trip, be it sister, brother, father, mother, child, aunt, cousin, friend, partner, whatEVER by someone who does want to know if their ass looks fat in this, I condole you. Get a drink and find a chair. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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