Picture an Inspirational Montage.

Megan: Yeah, Annie wants to have a little pity party. You’re an asshole, Annie! You’re an asshole. I’m Life, is Life bothering you? You better learn to fight cuz Life is .. I’m Life and I’m gonna bite you in the ass!! It’s not me! Turn over! I’m trying to get you to fight for your shitty life and you won’t do it. You just won’t do it! Stop slapping yourself. Stop slapping yourself! I’m your Life, Annie! I’m your shitty – oh! …. Nice hit. Alright, I’m glad to see you got a bit of spark in you. I knew that Annie was in there somewhere.
[…] You’re your problem, Annie, and you’re also your solution. […] Come on, bring it in, there’s the Annie I knew was there. And you gotta wash your hair, you gotta wash that hair.

Oh dear. I wish sometimes I had someone who would come tell me they were Life and bite my ass. Or, you could picture a montage of the drab, boring parts of your life set to inspirational music. Well, we make do with what we have. Library ho!!!!

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