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Friday the 13th

I’m not superstitious. Well, maybe a bit. But even without it, it was a horrible work day.

  1. Computer server crash: FRED office crashed because the back-up server out the back had shut off, rather mysteriously. Nam rang FRED, and they fixed it, and he found the problem too. But for about 30 minutes, we couldn’t put items through the till, or dispense scripts. I’m so glad there were very few customers in that time period.
  2. More than malodorous: Mrs EH is a smoker, usually unkempt, and generally smells of unwashed body. She’s cantankerous and a horrible regular. One time, she went down a set of 3 stairs in her buggy and didn’t notice until she was halfway down. Anyway, she came in and gave me a sheet with medication changes to be made to her weekly pack. As I was finishing up, I noticed all of a sudden, that it suddenly smelled a lot worse, but I was headed up into the dispensary, so I was already moving away. Then it got worse, even from 2 meters away. As the smell grew progressively worse, we came to the realization that Mrs EH, had indeed, shat herself. She walked off, and at the time we were still uncertain. Perhaps she’d just farted. But she came back, and then wandered off again. There was an unmistakeable wet puddle in the carpet. Gag. And I’d just been joking with Bec and Nam about Mr GH, another challenging regular, who also has shat himself in the store. Great. Elle was highly unimpressed and said it wasn’t her fault. I didn’t sign up for this shit, literally and figuratively speaking.
  3. Stealer: There’s been an Asian guy who comes in and steals the testers. Today he came back, The boss was in the store, went straight up to him and yelled at him to get out of the store and never come back. He protested loudly, jeered back, spat at the floor, said he’d stolen 8 tester fragrances already and finally left after Nam went down and shoved him out. Why did he have to be asian?! Nam says there’s shit people in every race. We’re still a lot more visible