What a great end to the day.. not.

Shit day.

Stayed up late helping Dad edit and print his affidavit and exhibits, assemble, and post them in duplicate. Got 4 hours of sleep.

Overweight lactose-intolerant floor manager D went home at 1030am with a “migraine”, after leaving at 7 on Wednesday for the same reason. I got my order done, but had too many scripts. When 430pm came for me to leave, Kesh had only just got in from banking.

N, Kesh, Young, V (Pete’s Fijian mate, who was vegetarian, but is now a meat convert) and I went to the Old Brewery on Mounts Bay Road to celebrate Kesh finishing her Viva. I had a rabbit and chorizo terrine with beetroot and apple&cinnamon chutney on little toasts, truffle butter (that had a strong cumin flavour) with toasted slices of bread and one lone poached egg. The cumin flavour actually went quite well with the egg, I was surprised. I also had roasted bone marrow, which was really … well, N described it as “rich”.  I also tasted some of their tomahawk, which was really big, with the bone included.

On the way home, half-asleep, I sped through an amber/red on Manning Rd/Ley St, and got pulled over. Fuck.

Why do you think I’m pulling you over?

I actually had to think for a split second as to whether it was speeding, crossing lanes without signalling or running the red. I did all three. That part of the street is a bit tight to take the curves at 60km/h. I barely remember running the red, and didn’t think much of it. Come on, in Toronto this would never happen, there’s better things to worry about. And there was barely anyone on the road. He at least downgraded it to an amber, which meant 100$ instead of 150$ and 2 points instead of 3. Perhaps it was my reason, “I’m just tired and trying to get home.”

I was highly displeased with his reply , “Well, you can’t do that. You might end up in a different kind of bed, a steel one.” He also told me my left tail light was out, which is a bitch because I just had the bumper replaced after JLiang in Unit 1 lent his car to some girl in the units and we reversed into each other (more her fault though, because she was going way too fast and not looking). Life-time warranty on car repairs? It better hold out, or there’ll be strife.

Anyway, after he handed me my ticket, I wanted to specifically run the next few reds because I dislike being told I’m wrong, and I felt like doing something to reject that and say “Fuck you and fuck off.” But they were all green.

Fuck. Great way to end a shit day. It was going to be ok after dinner, but guess not. FUCK.


Pre-Wedding Madness

Seriously. The two of them wind each other up. He said, she said.

Dad has disowned her, according to the 29 year old. He threw the antenna down on the floor, and hit her first.

She is a big bully, he says. She doesn’t respect her parents.

For fuck’s sake. The two of you need to grow up and move on. But no, you two are big drama queens. It makes high school me look like a sedate wall-flower.


Background Basics

29 got engaged a whole year before 27.

27 got engaged in May and says she wants to get married the weekend before 29 (August 19th) because

  • her fiance’s brother X is away on vacation in Chicago
  • her fiance’s sister K will be flying out to teach English in Korea or somewhere
  • It’s a good time because Uncle R and Aunt L are in town from Hong Kong, and I will be too

I asked 27 what the rush is, there’s no reply. Whatever.

Apparently 29 flew off handle when she heard what 27 wanted. To be fair, 29 didn’t need the distraction before her licensing exams. But I could tell she was furious in the email she sent.

I was not happy to be in the situation of having to choose sides. If I agreed to go to 27’s wedding, then I would be condoning it. But am I really meant to not go to her wedding, despite the fact that I don’t know her fiance after 10 years?  Mum said, “We can’t even dislike him because we don’t know him.”

I emailed them both and said I wasn’t happy with the situation I’d been placed in. But I told 27 I’d go to her wedding.

I was stressed out, Mum and Dad were stressed out. I presume 25 was too. I told Mum and Dad to lay down the law, as parents, and tell them they were to attend each others weddings, take a couple photos, then fuck off to wherever the hell they wanted. I expected they’d done it.


Friday, 29 returned in surprisingly good spirits and was talking to me again. Dad came later and it was all going well. Then Saturday night, it came to light that 29 hadn’t had 27’s wedding date confirmed. 29 didn’t really expect that Dad would be able to convince 27 to have hers after 29’s wedding, but blew up nonetheless over being uninformed. She’s furious still.

Then I came back from work on Monday and apparently 29 and Dad had come to physical blows over the TV.

Jeez they’re childish.

I just want to drive over to P’s and be quiet.